The medical establishment and media are overlooking three simple steps to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

First, top medical doctors have discouraged the public from wearing face masks.  While it is true that advanced N-95 masks should be reserved for medical personnel treating COVID-19 patients, telling evidence shows that, however imperfect, simple surgical face masks can usefully protect against respiratory pathogens.  They reduced infection by SARS, a close analogue of COVID-19, by 70% among those who always wore them in public in a Beijing study (Wu J 2004), for instance.  Face masks also block shedding of virus from infected people, including those who seem to be healthy; and they discourage touching the nose and mouth, a major route of transmission.  If everyone wears a face mask, the masks set up a much more effective double barrier.

Therefore, everyone should wear a face mask in public, to the extent that supplies permit.  See the protocol for reusing masks to overcome shortages.

Second, the U.S. medical establishment has been silent about gargling to prevent and suppress COVID-19 infections.  It seems unaware that Japanese researchers have published many studies showing that prophylactic gargling is effective in reducing respiratory infections.  In the COVID-19 epidemic, the virus multiplies to high numbers in the throat, just as in other infections, before it spreads to overwhelm the body’s immune defenses.  Gargling destroys or dislodges the virus and stops its multiplication.  In Japan tens of millions of people appear to be gargling during the pandemic, and we may suspect that this has been a significant factor in keeping Japanese infections much lower than in other affluent countries, once the Japanese recovered from initial mistakes.

Therefore, during the pandemic everyone should gargle 5x/day with salt water, which has minimal side effects compared to other mouthwashes.

Third, there is a simple solution to the extreme shortage of ventilators for seriously ill patients:  use instead Biophotonic Therapy/Photoluminescence/Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation.  BT has a track record of success in the treatment of pneumonia and disseminated infections.  The medical establishment has made a fundamental mistake in ignoring it for decades, even though BT is the leading phototherapeutic treatment of infectious diseases, as is shown by the English, German, and Russian medical literature.

Therefore, Biophotonic Therapy should be the standard of care for serious COVID-19 infections.




Kenneth J. Dillon is an historian who writes on science, medicine, and history.  He is the author of a book on Biophotonic Therapy.  See the biosketch.



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