Links T. Majlath’s revealing comparison of Magyar and Latin grammars, relating to The Trojan Origin of Roman Civilization (TORC) . See also his comparison of Magyar and Etruscan: pictures of the comet Venus and Mars in the headdresses of the pharaohs and their consorts. The top image appears to have been altered to include colors that fit the theory that Venus was originally a comet. However, the theory stands without the added colors. Note that Mars had apparently approached close enough to Earth that the ancient Egyptians knew that it had two moons, which are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. evidence and argument that the Egyptian serpent god Apophis, who twisted across the sky from West to East and repeatedly sought to blot out the Sun god Ra, represented the lower latitude Jet Stream that had accumulated immense amounts of dust from the catastrophes caused by the approaches of Venus. evidence and argument that the blue crown of the pharoahs of the New Kingdom of Egypt was modeled on Mars during a close approach after an encounter with Venus that stirred up dust vortices and created a dust ring around the planet.  an Electric Universe site.



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