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ChatGPT and I discussed how Ukraine could deal with a drop-off in allied funding.  I wrote:


One way Ukraine can respond to a diminution of Western aid is by shifting, even more than now, to relatively inexpensive asymmetrical warfare approaches. It could request that allies support this by providing optimal training and moderately priced state-of-the-art technology for cyber warfare, electronic warfare, and cutting-edge applications of AI.


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User  Kenneth J. Dillon

ChatGPT and I discussed how Ukraine could best deploy its drones and those donated by allies.  I asked:

What are the weapons and munitions most urgently needed on the battlefield? How are Ukraine and its allies striving to produce them? Are there suitable substitutes, e.g., drones to replace at least some artillery fire?
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Given the blockage of funding from the US and EU, could Ukraine obtain stopgap financing from Big Tech corporations with interests at stake?  ChatGPT and I discussed options.

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If Congress rejects further U.S. military and financial support, the valiant Ukrainians and their democratic allies face a disastrous defeat.

To find other options, this writer brainstormed with Chat GPT.  Our discussion led to a plan to form a U.S.- and EU-backed Coalition of the Willing, including Canada, the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, Baltic countries, and perhaps France as well as Japan, Korea, and Australia.  While positioning troops, weapons, and materiel in Western Ukraine is not a realistic option at present, it might become a serious possibility if Russia advances and appears poised to conquer all of Ukraine.  The U.S. would be a non-paying member that would supply intelligence, diplomacy, and coordination until such time as Congress might vote for funding.

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If neither the US nor the EU will fund Ukraine, ChatGPT and I discussed how American corporations could find it in their interest to collaborate deeply with Ukraine in the area of AI.


User Kenneth J. Dillon
Would it make sense for Ukraine to seek outsourcing from US AI companies? As a replacement for Russian companies and individuals? Could this be done in an organized way, or simply ad hoc?
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