The 9/11/2001 attacks ushered in an era of endless wars, fear of terrorism, antipathy to immigrants, and domestic surveillance.  Arguably the most important issue regarding 9/11 is the doings of senior government officials in the run-up to the attacks.  Yet both the media and the 9/11 Commission report have refused to discuss it.  This refusal must raise the suspicion that there was indeed wrongdoing.

Thus we Americans have not come to a shared understanding of what actually was going on in the approach to 9/11.  This has left us alienated from our government and the media, which to this day will not touch the key issues of the 9/11 attacks with a ten-foot pole.

Therefore, the Director of FBI needs to investigate the conduct of senior government officials in the run-up to 9/11, then present a report to the public.  If he finds evidence of malfeasance, he should bring indictments.

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