1. Biophotonic Therapy is the use of light to activate the healing properties of the blood. BT is photomedicine and has a well-characterized clinical profile. A dozen books and some 400 articles in the German, Russian, and English-language medical literature describe Biophotonic Therapy. Other common names for BT are Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation and Photoluminescence Therapy.
  2. In BT’s extracorporeal form, ultraviolet and visible light are used to treat a small amount of blood, which is then reinfused.
  3. In BT’s intravenous form, a low-intensity laser (generally at 632.8 nm) shines through a waveguide inside a needle into the blood. BT can also be administered sublingually.
  4. Light is a drug. As with all drugs, Biophotonic Therapy’s pharmacology includes effects, side effects, indications, and counterindications. BT tends to have fewer side effects than competing synthetic drugs.
  5. Invented in the United States, Biophotonic Therapy was first used in 1928 to heal a woman moribund after a septic abortion. The original device has FDA clearance for indications that include various disseminated infections.
  6. Biophotonic Therapy is practiced in Russia, Germany, the United States, and many other countries.
  7. Biophotonic Therapy is well-characterized at the biochemical level, but its biophysical action requires further study.
  8. Biophotonic Therapy forms a central component of the science of biophotonics. Its mechanisms have important implications for pharmacology, physiology, immunology, and neuroscience.
  9. Biophotonic Therapy is the leading phototherapeutic treatment of infectious diseases. BT is arguably the single best model of the activation of the entire immune system in the treatment of infectious disease.  Its mechanisms of action are the same for all pathogens. There is no evidence that any microbe has ever developed resistance to BT.  BT is especially effective in the treatment of respiratory and disseminated infections.
  10. The decades-long refusal of the medical establishment to fund testing of Biophotonic Therapy as a treatment of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, respiratory infections, and other infectious diseases that kill millions of poor people worldwide is a shocking instance of criminal negligence that should be condemned by all who learn of it.

For further information, see the video Rethinking Biophotonic Therapy, https://www.scientiapress.com/biophotonic-therapy, and Healing Photons:  The Science and Art of Blood Irradiation Therapy.


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